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Dr. Hedison Blue Mild Makeup Remover (8.45 fl.oz / 250ml)

Dr. Hedison Blue Mild Makeup Remover (8.45 fl.oz / 250ml)

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  • 8.45 fl. oz / 250 ml


  • Water + Oil Formula: Strong cleansing effect with moisture texture
  • Cleanses skin without irritation
  • Made in Korea

How to Use

  • Please, shake well before use
  • Wet cotton pad and gently wipe away makeup residue and wash face with water and foaming cleanser


  • In case of causing cosmetics or after use, if there is abnormal symptom or side effect such as red spot, swelling, or itching caused by direct sunlight. Please, consult dermatologist. 
  • Do not use wounded area

Precautions for storage:

  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Keep away from direct sunlight