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DW Bio SUN PDO Face Lifting Threads 10ea/pack [SCREW]

DW Bio SUN PDO Face Lifting Threads 10ea/pack [SCREW]

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  • Screw
  • 10 pcs/pack
  • Made in Korea

What are PDO Threads?

  • PDO Threads are made of an absorbable polydioxanone suture material that has been used for decades in surgery with no ling term complications. Safe and effective, PDO threads are hypoallergenic and non pyrogenic, and have long lasting regenerative benefits for the skin

      < How to Use >

      Preparation before Use:

      • Prepare alcohol cotton  
      • Prepare sterile package product
      • Confirm that there is no abnormality in the packaging, check the adhesion of the sterilized display paper and check sterilization status.
      • Familiarize yourself with the operating instructions
      • Check the validity period

      How to use and operation procedure:

      • Unpack the product and remove the cap
      • Disinfect the area to be inserted with alcohol cotton
      • During the procedure, the patient's muscular tension or coughing cough may cause damage to the pelvis, and because of damage to the pelvis, it is not possible to insert the pelvis into an incorrect or dangerous area.
      • Insert needle correctly at the site requiring treatment. 
      • (For cannula-type products, use a sterilized disposable needle or the like to push the needle tube until the suture is fully inserted into the area ready for injection)
      • Avoid penetrating the skin into the skin more than 2/3
      • Massage your muscles when you can not get rid of the bowel, make it comfortable, and move the tube gently up and down to remove the bowel.
      • It it disposable, so reuse is prohibited

      How to keep and manage after use:

      • After use, dispose of in medical waste disposal box
      • *This product dispose of in medical waste disposal box


      • Do not use if package is broken or damaged
      • It is disposable, so reuse is prohibited
      • After use, dispose of in medical waste disposal box
      • Since this product is a medical device, do not use it for any purpose other than its intended use
      • This product should only be used by professional medical personnel
      • Do not use if the procedure is inflamed or you are concerned about other infections

      Precautions for Storage:

      • Avoid direct sunlight and humid places and store at room temperature.
      • Avoid extreme heat and cold