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Balancing Tube for i-STEM PRP Kit

Balancing Tube for i-STEM PRP Kit

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* Please note, this product is NOT for PRP extraction.
   You will need i-STEM PRP Tubes to use this balancing tube.

'Balancing Tube for i-STEM PRP Kit' looks almost the same as the i-STEM PRP Tube, but it is only used for balancing the tubes during centrifugation.
It's always recommended to use even number of tubes to get a good result of centrifugation to prevent fluctuation.
If you only have one sample to extract, you can place a balancing tube on the other side to keep the balance.

    How to Use

    • When rotating 1 PRP tube, fill the balancing tube with water to the line indicated with the arrow.
    • Place the PRP tube filled with patient's blood in your centrifuge, and place the balancing tube in the opposite spot to face towards the PRP tube, and start centrifugation.


    • This item is not intended for PRP extraction. Do not use the balancing tube for extracting PRP, since it is not sterilized.